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New Specialised Field

Our therapist now provide specialized diagnosis and treatment options for the particular fields of Woman care (perinatal & pelvic rehabilitation) and children development (from birth to the end of growth).

Our Clinical Activities

Perinatal Osteopathy

  • Newborn
  • Pregnancy
  • Follow-up
  • Kids

Children Rehabilitation

  • Orthopedic children rehabilitation (trauma, post traumatic and inflammatory cases, with a specificity on growth disorders shuch as: orthopaedic growth diseases, postural chronic disorders, scoliosis etc.. )
  • Pediatric neurological diseases
  • New born respiratory disorders.

Urogynecological Rehabilitation

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation: both pre and post pregnancy
  • Hypopressive exercices for abdominal rehabilitation
  • Urinary incontinance rehabilitation (urge incontinance, stress incontinance, mixed incontinance by manual and biofeedback instrument (Vivatis Phenix Ⓡ)
  • Pelvic static troubles (Prolapsus) elected for the rehabilitation by manual and biofeedback instrument (Vivatis Phenix Ⓡ)

Psycho-Motor Therapy

Our partner, Laure Pascale, psycho-motor therapist, proposes specialised cares for children and teenagers with psycho-motor deficits. All the sessions will be done at the patient’s home as well as outside depending on the needs.